J H Ratcliffe's Glutenglass Transparent Waterproofing

J H Ratcliffe's Glutenglass is a quick drying, spirit based, amber coloured resin which is applied over damp patches on plaster type finishes, to prevent damp staining through subsequent decorations of paint or wallpaper.

Apply by brush, avoiding runs. It is essential to use 2 coats to ensure complete sealing of the surface. Allow approximately 30 mins before recoating. Dries in around 30 minutes. Coverage approximately 11-14 sq meters per litre.

It is not suitable for use over new plaster. New plaster should be allowed to fully hydrate before Glutenglass may be applied as there can be a reaction under highly alkaline conditions. If in doubt apply an alkaline resistant primer in the first instance.

Vinyl coated and blown vinyl papers should not be hung on walls treated with Glutenglas as the paste is unable to dry out by absorption into the plaster or through the vinyl coating. If in doubt test hang a sample of the paper.

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2.5 litre£70.92

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J H Ratcliffe's Glutenglass Transparent Waterproofing