Rustoleum Aqua Satin

Rustoleum Aqua Satin is a water-based satin finish topcoat for application over suitably prepared and primed substrates. Suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Based on a new water-based PU/Alkyd formulation, Rustoleum Aqua Satin produces a harder, more scratch resistant finish than other water-borne trim paints, with good resistance to skin fats. Offers excellent opacity. Low in solvents and is odour free. Dries quickly, applies nicely, with good flow and leveling properties.

Headline coating system: Bare timber, hard plastics, non-ferrous metals, and sound, prepared, previously painted surfaces should first be primed with Rustoleum's Multi Primer - a universal adhesion promoting, water-based primer. Multi Primer is suitable for both interior and exterior use, and offers excellent adhesion with great opacity. For bare Ferrous metals (Iron, steel etc) instead first prime with any suitable rust inhibiting primer.

Application: Stir thoroughly. Apply by synthetic paint brush such as the fossa ViperTrim; Short pile microfibre paint roller such as the fossa MicroSilk - extra short, and short pile - paint rollers; Airless, or Air-assisted spray equipment. Thin with water if necessary (see technical data sheet for details).

Drying times: Touch dry 1 hour; Recoat: After 6 hours. Fully Cured: 1 week. Full scratch resistance will not develop for up to 30 days. Times quoted are at 20 deg C, and good drying conditions. Colder temperatures, higher humidity and poorer ventilation will increase these times. Do not apply when application and drying temperatures are likely to fall below 10 deg C.

Theoretical Coverage: 14 m²/litres per coat. Practical coverage may be less, depending on surface profile.

Rustoleum Aqua Satin is available in White, Anthracite Grey (RAL7016), and Black, in 750ml and 2.5L tins.

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Rustoleum Aqua Satin

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