Rustoleum 6020 Quick Drying Primer

Rustoleum 6020 Quick Drying Primer is a specialist, very quick drying solvent-borne alkyd resin primer/undercoat, available in White, Grey and Black, for exterior use. It can be used in lower temperatures than other primers - useful for urgent out of season projects.

Primarily used in maintenance situations where time is of the essence, i.e. continuous maintenance, or, where both priming coat and topcoat need to be applied in a single day.  Rustoleum's Quick Drying Primer is quite different from other coatings, it has a high solids content of 65% to achieve an excellent dry film build in one coat; and is touch dry in as little as 1 hour, and overcoatable in as little as 5 hours. 

Suitable for use on previously painted wood, or bare wood, and suitably primed metal (you can't apply this directly to bare metals). Once applied, it's good for several months without overcoating, however it's preferred that it is overcoated with an alkyd resin topcoat, such as Rustoleum Combicolor.

Application: Stir thoroughly. Apply by brush or roller using a stiffer synthetic paint brush, or pure bristle paint brush, or solvent-resistant nylon paint roller such as the fossa Blue Stripe medium pile mini roller.

Note: Prime bare non-ferrous metals (Aluminium / Zinc Galvanising) with Rustoleum Multi Primer universal adhesion promoting, water-based primer. For bare Ferrous metals (Iron, steel etc). instead first prime with any suiable ferrous metal Primer which contains rust-inhibitors.

Drying times: Touch dry 1 hour; Dry to handle: 2  hours. Recoat: After 5 hours. Times quoted are at 20 deg C, and good drying conditions. Colder temperatures, higher humidity and poorer ventilation will increase these times. Do not apply when application temperatures are below 8 deg C, when rain or frost threaten, or in bright sunlight.

Theoretical Coverage: 16 m²/litres per coat. Practical coverage could be much less due to surface profile and porosity of the substrate.

Rustoleum 6020 Quick Drying Primer is available in White, Grey and Black, in 750ml and 2.5L tins.

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Rustoleum 6020 Quick Drying Primer