Shur-Line Easy Reach 3-Stage Screw-Fit Telescopic Extension Poles

The NEW 2nd Gen., Shur-Line 3-Stage Easy Reach Screw-Fit Telescopic Extension Pole uses a patented 3-stage extension mechanism, which allows you to adjust pole length on-the-fly, without changing grip position, or stopping work.

It's a simple one step process. Hold down the locking button on the centre stage, then pull down on the bottom stage, and the top stage extends outwards in the opposite direction. You can see a quick video here.

Smooth push button quick release locks/unlocks the pole. Locking mechanism automatically engages at 160mm (6.25 inch) intervals. Fitted with a chunky, extra long non-slip grip which is particularly comfortable in use.

Heavy duty anodized aluminium telescoping tube is 'anti-twist', with a solid cast thread to fit all our screw fit paint roller frames. Fits all of our Screw-fit paint roller frames.

This NEW 2nd Gen. Shur-Line Easy Reach Extension Pole is available in 3 sizes:

Size Actual Closed length* Actual Open length* Weight*
1.5 - 3 ft  525 mm  920 mm  0.5 kg
2.5 - 5 ft  735 mm  1540 mm  0.65 kg
3.5 - 9 ft  1135 mm  2750 mm  1.0 kg


The Shur-Line Easy Reach 3-Stage Screw-Fit Telescopic Extension Pole is available in 3 different sizes, to purchase as singles, or in pack quantities saving you even more. *Sizes and weights shown are approximate.

pack of 4£59.66

*all prices include VAT