Sikkens Cetol BL Opaque Satin Paint

Sikkens Cetol BL Opaque is a clever, fast drying, high-build water-borne exterior satin/semi-gloss finish paint. Ideal for the decoration and protection of exterior fencing, facias, windows, cladding, conservatories, sheds, gates etc. No separate primer is needed.* Available directly from stock in white and over 1600 beautiful colours shown here for fast delivery.

Easily applied by brush or roller with extremely quick drying times allowing projects to be completed in just one day. This is a wonderful product to use on prepared smooth planed, or rough sawn timbers. It's a joy to use. More like an emulsion in application, Sikkens Cetol BL Opaque's high-build formulation allows it to be applied very generously - without runs forming. Often surfaces are completely obliterated with just one coat, so well infact, that you may not feel you need to apply another coat.

Sikkens Cetol BL Opaque provides good adhesion to prepared timbers, and the paint coating film will not crack or peel. It resists mould growth and protects timber from the harmful effects of UV light.

Prepared bare timber#: Apply 2 coats on vertical surfaces, apply 3 coats on horizontal surfaces at correct coverage rates.
Sound previously coated & prepared timber: Apply 2 coats on vertical surfaces, apply 2-3 coats on horizontal surfaces at correct coverage rates.

Apply by brush or roller. Coverage will vary depending on the porosity and surface profile. Coverage Sawn timber 4-8 square meters per litre per coat. Planed timber 8-12 square meters per litre per coat. Touch dry: approx 2 hours. Overcoating: minimum 6 hours. These times are based on a temperature of 20°C, normal relative humidity and good drying conditions. Do not apply if application or drying temperatures are below 10°C.

* Because Cetol BL Opaque is a water-borne coating, it can draw water-soluable extractives from knots etc., causing brownish discolouration to the finished paint coating film. On dark colours, this is not usually a problem, but on lighter colours it can look a little unsightly. To minimise the risk of extractive discolouration, prime prepared surfaces first using a modern, fast drying water-borne stain blocking primer like Zinsser Bulls Eye 123.

Do not apply to substrates which have had water-repellent preservative pre-treatments applied. Not for use on flooring or decking. Only use non-ferrous screws, nails and fixings.

# We always recommend applying a clear universal wood preservative to bare exterior timbers before overcoating, paying particular attention to cut end grain, this provides better protection against wood rotting fungi in the UK's wet climate.

Sikkens Cetol BL Opaque is available in 5 Litre metal tins. Please note: All colours (other than classic white and white), are customised according to your colour requirements, cancellation restrictions apply.

5 litre (classic white & white)£59.98
5 litre (mixed colours)£66.98

*all prices include VAT

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Sikkens Cetol BL Opaque Satin Paint