Simms Paint Tray Arm

Simms Paint Tray Arm is a lightweight but strong yellow plastic paint tray lifting handle and extension pole support, which is designed to fit the Simms T-2005 Heavy Duty Paint Tray, and Simms T-2010 Liners, and T-2015 Paint Tray Cover.

**Watch a 60 second YouTube video of the Simms TrayArm Paint Tray System.**

Avoid accidents and paint spills; the Simms Paint TrayArm safely and visibly holds your paint roller extension pole in an upright position when not in use, and not flat on the floor where it's a trip hazard.

Ease back and leg strain as the Paint Tray Arm eliminates bending over to move, or pick up the paint tray, or your paint roller. Easily allows you to lift both your working paint tray and extension pole over obstacles, up and down stairs, and through doorways with just one hand.

  • Keeps extension pole upright and to hand.
  • Prevents your extension pole becoming a trip hazard
  • No more bending down to move your paint tray
  • Lift pole and tray together with just one hand
  • Avoids back and leg strain.
  • Work easier and smarter in smaller spaces

A truely unique product which allows both professionals and the DIY'er to work smarter and safer. The Simms Paint Tray Arm really comes into it's own on domestic projects and smaller spaces such as hallways, landings, stairwells.

**NOTE** Photos shows Yellow Tray Arm together with paint roller, extension pole and tray for illustration purposes only. Paint roller, extension pole and tray are not included when the Yellow Simms Tray Arm is purchased.

pack of 3£73.67

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