Glues and Screws

Glue Screws is a high strength, quick grab, solvent-free Bonding Adhesive with gap filling properties that adheres to virtually all common building materials and replaces nails and screws in a multitude of applications.

We supply this product for fixing our light weight ceiling roses, light weight resin coving, and light weight composite coving. It also bonds all common construction materials including brick, timber, concrete, stone, ceramic, plaster, metal, plastic, marble, brick veneer and insulating materials.

Recommended for fixing skirting boards, decorative wall panelling, door surrounds, timber and PVCu cladding, floor boards, timber framework, worktops, floor grippers and metal edges, carpet, brick veneer, mouldings, ceramics, plasterboard, cork, laminates and automotive trims. Eliminates squeaks on floors and stairs, and much more. Can be used on rough or smooth surfaces, inside or out.

Do not use in areas subject to continuous water immersion, with bitumen or asphalt.

Available in 300ml cartridges Colour: White.

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