Spiked Air Removing Roller Refill for floors

12 inch double arm spiked roller refill for double-arm frames (see links on right hand side of page for suitable frames). Used for rolling out and removing trapped air in thick polyester and epoxy resin paints, coatings and screeds which might interfere with the adhesion of the coating to the substrate, or weaken the coating film. They are are also useful with self-levelling floor compounds, where they can help to remove trowel lines before laying vinyl flooring.

If you intend to use one, you will also need a pair of spiked shoes for walking across the wet floor.

Special design of spiked roller with surface protecting round spike tops which optimise the rolling characteristics. 11mm spikes. Overall roller diameter 67mm (2 5/8 inch). NOTE: They do not fit any Wooster frames.


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