Langlow Strip Away Gel

Langlow Strip Away Gel is a handy water-based, transparent, pale green viscous liquid paint stripper for small projects on sensitive surfaces. It can cling to vertical surfaces for hours, allowing it to to soften a wide ranges of paints, varnishes, lacquers for easy removal. It's water-based, low odour, low VOC and non-caustic formulation is ideal where adequate ventilation is limited.

Coverage: A 500ml tub covers a maximum 0.5 square meter area when applied in a 1mm thick layer.

Use: Always follow the manufacturers instructions. A test application in an inconspicuous area is always recommended to confirm suitability.

Preparation: Use coarse sandpaper to roughen the paint surfaces to be stripped providing a key for the gel to start work. Only apply a very thin coating of Langlow Strip Away Gel for the first application, and leave until the top layer of paint has blistered. Scrape this off then re-apply as follows:

Stripping: Apply a generous application of Strip Away Gel using a brush or spatula across all paint surfaces to be stripped. Cover Gel with a cheap plastic sheet to keep it wet and active if it needs to be left for longer than 4 hours. Removal: use a scraper or spatula to remove the broken down coating, use steel wool on carved relief or mouldings (on Oak use synthetic, or, non-ferrous wire wool). Clean down: Wash down stripped surfaces with mineralised methylated spirits, allow surfaces to dry before repainting. Safety: Always wear appropriate safety equipment such as gloves, and eye protection.

Note: Composite materials bound with natural glues and adhesives may be adversely affected.

Langlow Strip Away Gel is only available in 500ml plastic tubs, and sold in singles and packs of 6 tubs at an even better discount.

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Langlow Strip Away Gel