Strip Away Paint Remover Sample Tester Kit

Our Strip Away paint remover tester kit, allows you to cheaply purchase a sample of each paint stripper for testing, applying a test patch application of both Strip Away, and Strip Away LV poultice type paste removers on to an inconspicuous area of your project.

This allows you to decide which paint remover will be most effective on your paint stripping project, without forking out for a large quantity of material that may not be suitable.

It's particularly useful, where you are not sure of the type of coatings you wish to remove; when you want to see the effect of paint removal on your substrate; or for estimating quantities for purchase. Sometimes testing may simply convince you that stripping your surfaces of paint or varnish may not be a good idea.

Each Strip Away paint remover tester kit contains a 200g container of both Strip Away, and Strip Away LV paint remover, a spreader, poultice blanket, and disposable nitrile gloves.

single pack£10.12

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