Langlow Strip n Lift Paint and Varnish Stripper Liquid

Langlow Strip Away Strip-n-Lift paint and varnish stripper is a colourless, transparent, thick viscous liquid for stripping an extremely wide range of paints, coatings, woodstains and lacquers. Formulated using a unique blend of emulsified low VOC solvents including Benzyl Alchohol, which can be applied by brush or spatula, it clings readily to all surfaces. It's low evaporation rate keeps it actively stripping and sofening paint for upto 24 hours.

Coverage:  1 litre covers a maximum 1 square meter area when applied in a 1mm thick layer.

Use: Always follow the manufacturers instructions. A test application in an inconspicuous area is always recommended to confirm suitability.

Preparation: Use coarse sandpaper or wire wool to roughen the paint surfaces to be stripped providing a key for the paint stripper to start work, then apply a very thin coating of Strip n Lift to open up the surface layer. The top layer of paint will blister in 10-20 minutes. Scrape this off then re-apply as follows:

Stripping: Apply a generous application of Strip n Lift using a brush or spatula across all paint surfaces to be stripped, leave for several hours. Removal: use a scraper or spatula to remove the broken down coating, use steel wool on carved relief or mouldings (on Oak use synthetic, or, non-ferrous wire wool). Clean down: Wash down fully stripped surfaces with mineralised methylated spirits to give a final clean surface, allow surfaces to dry before repainting. Safety: Work in well ventilated areas, avoid breathing vapours, always wear appropriate safety equipment such as gloves, and eye protection.

Langlow Strip Away Strip n Lift is available in 1 Litre plastic bottles, and sold in singles and packs of 3 bottles at an even better price.

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Langlow Strip n Lift Paint and Varnish Stripper Liquid