Anti Climb Paint

Anti-Climb Paint is a thick, non-drying coating for parapets, downcomers, pipes, window sills, fencing and walls etc. It acts as an extremely effective deterrent to would be intruders and burglars by making surfaces virtually unclimable, whilst marking intruders hands and clothing.

Coverage is approximately 1-2 square meters per litre. Available in both black and grey. Apply by short brush or decorators mitt to surfaces above shoulder height (i.e. over 7 feet), coated surfaces appear normal but will remain unset and slippery for several years.

Note: It is recommended that the presence of Anti-Climb paint is is clearly identified with warning signs.

1 litre£15.51
2.5 litre£29.52
5 litre£61.03

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Anti Climb Paint

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