TorCrete Acid Etch Solution

TorCrete Acid Etch Solution is a surface preparation solution for use on concrete floors prior to sealing, coating or painting. Removes excess lime dust (laitence) from concrete floors which can interfere with the adhesion of floor coatings. It also etches power floated, very smooth hard, or chemically treated concrete floors to 'key' the surface and improve the adhesion of floor coatings.

Concrete should be clean and degreased before application of TorCrete Acid Etch Solution. A trial should be conducted on a small test area first. Apply evenly using a soft brush and allow time to react - usually around 10 minutes. Two or more applications may be required. After the reaction the surface should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water and fully dry before the application of any coatings. For large areas consider hiring scrubbing and wet vacuum equipment.

Theoretical coverage 5 square meters per litre. Practical coverage 4 square meters per litre. Coverages may vary depending on porosity of the concrete. TorCrete Acid Etch Solution is available in 5 Litre sizes only.

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TorCrete Acid Etch Solution