TorGuard Anti Graffiti Lacquer

TorGuard Anti graffiti lacquer is a single-pack clear acrylic anti-graffiti coating. Easily applied and ready to use. This quick drying water-borne coating is based on an inovative modern acrylic pu resin formulation, which offers excellent graffiti protection. In the event that you need to remove graffiti from protected surfaces use our TorClean Anti Graffitti 'G' Remover and TorClean Prewash.

Normally used to protect bare concrete, masonry, natural stone and brick where its water-borne acrylic formulation will cause minimal darkening - a common problem with other anti graffiti coatings. Can be applied over previously painted surfaces, frequently used to protect murals etc (always conduct a trial on a small area first).

TorGuard Anti graffiti lacquer is a 'sacrificial' coating, this means that the coating sacrifices itself to allow the easy removal of the most determined graffiti attack. After 1 or 2 graffiti removals, the coating film needs to be replenished with fresh applications of lacquer. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

  • Easily applied and maintained.
  • Inexpensive system with excellent coverage.
  • Low odour - can be used for interior as well as exterior projects.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Theoretical coverage 8 square meters per litre. Coverages will be reduced by the porosity and profile of the substrate.

5 litre£66.99

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TorGuard Anti Graffiti Lacquer

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