Alkali Resisting Primer

Alkali Resisting Primer is a low opacity primer and sealer. A combination of special high quality oils and resins enables this primer to seal surfaces and resist alkaline attack. It is specifically formulated to seal new bare plaster, and cementitious surfaces such as concrete and cement sheeting when they are to be overcoated with traditional solvent-borne alkyd coatings such as gloss and undercoat. Its also recommended for use over existing porous substrates such as timber and plaster mouldings after they have been stripped with Peel Away 1, or Strip Away (Alkaline Stripper). May be applied by brush, roller or conventional and airless sprays.

  • Primer and sealer for new alkali surfaces.
  • Low opacity, high resin content.

Available in 5 Litre containers.

5 litre£54.39

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Alkali Resisting Primer