Epoxy Floor Paint - Satin Heavy Duty 2-Pack

Epoxy Floor Paint is a well proven 2-pack chemically curing Satin floor finish for use in high traffic areas. Epoxy Floor Paint is exceptionally easy to apply and maintain, and is a particularly cost effective floor coating system, costing little more than other single pack epoxy modified finishes, but with all the benefits of a genuine 2-pack epoxy coating.

2-pack epoxy coatings provide extremely tough and seamless finishes, with exceptional resistance to most chemicals, solvents and oils. Our epoxy floor coating is ideal for use where regular foot, vehicle and truck traffic is expected, and where there is risk of occasional spillage's of chemicals, solvents, oils and other surface contamination, such as warehouses, factories, workshops, garages and showrooms.

Slip resistance can be enhanced by incorporating our fine or medium grade anti-slip aggregate into the system. Scatter the aggregate onto the wet first coat, this should be allowed to dry, then the loose particles brushed away before applying the second coat.

Available as two components which when mixed together make 5.00 Litres of floor paint. Working time when mixed: 7 hours maximum at 20 deg C. Available in both red and grey. Touch dry in 4 hours, hard dry in 16 hours, minimum overcoating interval 16 hours, maximum overcoating interval 72 hours, at temperature of 20°C. Theoretical coverage 10 square meters per litre/per coat, practical coverage 8 square meters per litre/per coat. Apply by brush or short pile roller.

Before application it is important to make sure that all areas are clean, sound, dry and free from surface contamination. All oils and grease should be removed with a suitable degreasing solution. Any laitance on concrete should be removed by blasting, acid etching or other suitable mechanical methods. Hard smooth power-floated concrete floors should be acid etched or mechanically abraded. Care should be taken on previously painted floors to make sure that the original coatings are sound, as the epoxy will 'tighten-up' during curing, exposing areas of the original floor coating which have poor adhesion - mechanically abrading all areas is recommended to reduce this risk.

Bare concrete: Apply 1 coat Epoxy Floor Paint Sealer, then 2 coats Epoxy Floor Paint Satin.

Previously Painted (sound condition): Wash, degrease and abrade to roughen surfaces and remove sheen. Apply 1 or 2 coats of Epoxy Floor Paint Satin.

Previously Painted (unsound condition): Remove all loose and flaking paint back to a 'tight' area, and 'feather' edges. Apply 1 coat Epoxy Floor Paint Sealer, then apply 2 coats of Epoxy Floor Paint Satin.

Mix-n-match Bulk Deal - You can mix products from this coating system to get the lowest price. We'll discount your order back to the pro-rata 20 x 5 litre pallet rate prices per 5L, as long as you order 20 x 5 Litres (100 litres), or more in total.
(Example: Order 10 x 5L Epoxy Floor Sealer, 11 x 5L Epoxy Floor Paint Satin Grey, and 2 x 5L Epoxy Floor Paint Satin Red = 23 x 5L in total, and we'll give you the lowest price).

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Epoxy Floor Paint - Satin Heavy Duty 2-Pack