Epoxy Floor Paint Sealer - 2-Pack

Epoxy Floor Paint Sealer is a clear 2-pack (chemically curing) epoxy sealer for use underneath our Epoxy Floor Paint Satin on bare/porous surfaces such as concrete. It's low volume of solids content is designed to aid penetration, binding and sealing the bare surface ready for overcoating with our Epoxy Floor Paint Satin.

For more information on our Epoxy Floor Paint System, see: Epoxy Floor Paint - Satin from the links on the right hand side of the page.

Available as two components which when mixed together make 5.00 Litres, working time when mixed: 7 hours maximum at 20 deg C. Available in clear only. Touch dry in 4-6 hours, hard dry in 16 hours, minimum overcoating interval 16 hours, maximum overcoating interval 48 hours, at temperature of 20°C. Theoretical coverage 8 square meters per litre, practical coverage could vary dramatically due to surface profile and porosity. Apply by brush or short pile roller.

Mix-n-match Bulk Deal - You can mix products from this coating system to get the lowest price. We'll discount your order back to the pro-rata 20 x 5 litre pallet rate prices per 5L, as long as you order 20 x 5 Litres (100 litres), or more in total.
(Example: Order 10 x 5L Epoxy Floor Sealer, 11 x 5L Epoxy Floor Paint Satin Grey, and 2 x 5L Epoxy Floor Paint Satin Red = 23 x 5L in total, and we'll give you the lowest price).

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Epoxy Floor Paint Sealer - 2-Pack