Zinc Rich Metal Primer - Brushing Grade

Zinc rich metal coating offers excellent galvanic anti-corrosion protection to ferrous metal substrates. Supplied as an alternative to the Galvafroid brand.

This extremely high zinc content coating (a good few kilograms per 5 litre) provides excellent rust inhibiting properties, corroding sacrificially in preference to the underlying ferrous metal substrate. Even when the coating has been damaged (scratched or abraded), by-products of the galvanic reaction form quickly, sealing and protecting the damaged ferrous metal surface. This unique reaction effectively prevents the spread of corrosion underneath the coating film.

Recommended for use where high performance galvanic protection is required, but where hot dip galvanising is uneconomical or impractical. Also recommended for touching up (patch priming/finishing) damaged galvanised surfaces, or on site welded joints.

Can be used as a primer, and/or a self-finish. Perpare surfaces properly. Remove wax and degrease surfaces using Grax-it, or other suitable proprietory degreaser. Overcoatable with most standard alkyd-based gloss finishes. If the product is to be overcoated in a highly corrosive environment, use of a chlorinated rubber finish is recommended.

Apply by brush, roller or spray. Available in 500ml, 1.00, 2.50 and 5.00 litre containers.

500 ml£25.48
1 litre£48.55
2.5 litre£110.11
5 litre£208.58

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Zinc Rich Metal Primer - Brushing Grade