Toupret Ferlith - Anti Corrosion Treatment

Toupret Ferlith Anti-corrosion treatment is a specialist cement and resin based powder filler for exterior use, which contains powerful corrosion inhibitors (MCI). Once mixed with water, the obtained slurry is a light blue colour. For priming Iron or Steel reinforcing bar prior to filling and repairing with Toupret Touprelith F or Toupret Murex. Normally used when repairing a spall caused by the rusting of a concrete iron or steel reinforcing bar. Rust inhibiting and bonding action reduces the risk of continued corrosion, and extends the life of the repair.

  • Curative and preventative action.
  • High adherence on steel and concrete.

Toupret are a french filler company who have invested heavily in research and development. They are certainly not the cheapest manufacturer, but they do provide the professional with a reliable range of extremely high quality fillers and filling systems to meet the most demanding applications.

Note: It is necessary to remove all damaged substrate (concrete etc.) around the spall to a sound base. Mechanically grind and/or brush the reinforcement to remove all rust and scale. Substrates must be hard, cohesive, clean and sound. Do not use where temperatures are below 5°C or over 80% Hygrometry rate or in direct sunlight. Apply by brush in a thick coat. For the best mix, always pour the powder into the water until the correct consistency is achieved. Thick consistency: 35% of water (0.35 litre of water per kilo of powder). Coverage 100g per linear meter of reinforcing bar. After 4 hours over-fill with Toupret Touprelith F or Toupret Murex.

Toupret Ferlith Anti-corrosion treatment is available in a 3 kg tub (suitable for up to 30 linear meters of reinforcing bar).

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Toupret Ferlith - Anti Corrosion Treatment