Toupret Extrem Wood Filler - 2 Part

Toupret Extrem Wood is a beige 2-part polyurethane wood filler for repairing and renovating both large and small gaps, angles and holes in external timbers.

Extrem'Wood's excellent adhesion, strength, water resistance, and flexibility make it the best choice for long term repairs of rotten timber in windows and doors etc.

It consists of a thixotropic translucent paste base (A), and a tinted hardener (B) which can fill up to ?? cubic cm in volume. Mix parts A+B together according to the manufacturers instructions and use the mixed paste to fill large gaps and holes in prepared hardwoods and softwoods without slumping. A sacrificial mixing board, and extra cheap straight or curved mixing blades are ideal for this purpose.

There is no limitation to the depth of application. Working time is 2-4 hours after mixing depending on temperature (the higher the temperature the faster the cure). Wood surfaces to be filled must be prepared, clean and dry. Do not apply when application or drying temperatures are below 10 deg C, or above 35 deg C, or when humidity is above 80%. Further applications of filler can be applied once the first application is dry. Filled surfaces can be painted when fully dry - normally after 24 hours. Clean tools with cellulose thinners whilst filler is still wet.

Toupret Extrem Wood is sold as 2 part filler. Part A is 250g, and Part B is 100g.

carton of 6£183.17

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