Toupret Gras A Laquer - High Gloss Surfacer

Toupret High Gloss Surfacer (Gras A Laquer) is an oil-based interior and exterior fine surface filler for producing super smooth glass like surfaces ready for over painting. It's similar to Sikkens Kodrin Spachtel, and is ideal for use where you want to produce a super smooth high gloss finish using a long-oil high gloss coating such as Sikkens Rubbol AZ.

  • Excellent fine filler surfacer
  • Excellent water resistant properties
  • Sands to a glass smooth finish.
  • Good adhesion, even on painted surfaces
  • Enhances paint finish, especially gloss level and finish.
  • It's not essential to prime filled surfaces.

Upon opening the lid, remove the brown surface liquid which is provided to ensure a proper filler preservation. On highly absorbing substrates, add to the filler between 1% and 2% clean white spirit, or linseed oil to satisfy porosity. Produces a light beige finish. Clean tools with white spirit.

Application thickness up to 0.5 mm. Roughly 1kg will cover 5 square meters. Toupret Gras-A-Laquer High Gloss Surfacer is available in a 1 kg sized can.

Sold in single tins and packs of 6.

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Toupret Gras A Laquer - High Gloss Surfacer