Trimaco E-Z UP Dust Containment Pole

Trimaco’s E-Z Up® Dust Containment Pole works with plastic sheeting to create a dust barrier on site. Heavy duty,  anodized steel pole construction resists on-site abuse, and damage during storage and transit - cheaper lightweight poles just don't last as long. Dust Containment Pole's are adjustable in height, and are available in 3 different sizes:

Size Closed length* Open length* Weight*
12ft / 3 stage  5ft 2in / 1.58m  12ft / 3.65m  2.0kg
16ft / 3 stage  6ft 6in / 1.98m  16ft / 4.87m  2.2kg
20ft / 4 stage  6ft 6in / 1.98m  20ft / 6.09m  2.8kg


Simply pass your plastic sheeting over the top grip pad, and fasten in place using the quick clip. Adjust the containment pole to ceiling height. Yellow lever-locks allows easy height adjustment. Then use the unique foot pedal to create a snug final fit between the floor and ceiling. To release pole, step on the small unlocking tab next to the foot pedal, then reduced the pole height. Seal the sheeting to walls and ceilings using a removable masking tape.

Stick a disposable zip door onto your plastic sheeting, to create a sealable doorway through your plastic wall barrier for easy access. We have several Zip Doors available. Use a high adhesion masking tape to stick your plastic door film to the plastic barrier sheeting, and a lower-tack masking tape to attach sheeting to the walls and ceiling for easy removal. Choose a tape with release times longer than the time your dust barrier will remain in place. Kip's double sided Duoband masking tape is also very popular for easy - hassle free - sealing.

Trimaco’s E-Z Up® Dust Containment Pole is sold as single poles, and twin packs to save you even more.

*measurements are approximate.


single12 ft£72.37
pack of 212 ft£141.70
single16 ft£82.60
pack of 216 ft£155.25
single20 ft£100.12
pack of 220 ft£190.15

*all prices include VAT

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Trimaco E-Z UP Dust Containment Pole

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