Wallcovering Seam Tape

Wallcovering Seam Tape is a specialist 35mm wide micro-thin tape for reinforcing wallpaper and wallcovering seams, it's just 0.049mm thick, less than 1/20 of a mm. Its unique random torn edge fins also prevent the shape of this tape, showing through your wallcovering.

  • Micro-thin invisible wallcovering seam reinforcement.
  • Wallpaper seams resist mechanical damage far longer.
  • Thickness 0.049mm
  • Available with, and without, dry adhesive impregnation.
  • 35mm wide x 100m per roll.

Two version of a the tape are available, both react to the moisture within the wallcovering adhesive to bond and reinforce the seam. However one type is also impregnated with a dry type adhesive for even stronger seam bonding.

Wallcovering Seam Tape is supplied in a plastic dispenser, each roll is 35mm wide and contains 100 meters of tape.

single roll£31.39

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Wallcovering Seam Tape