Wallrock Fineliner A50

Wallrock Fineliner A50 is an excellent, extremely fine, smooth, and very strong non-woven lining paper for both interior and exterior use. For interiors: use it for general lining walls and ceiling with movement cracks, or, for final lining over the top of our range of thermal lining papers. On exteriors: embed it into the acrylic priming coats on plywood substrates, particularly on joints, to reinforce that coating system and help it cope with movement, or, embed it into the priming coat as a bridging membrane on masonary substrates to strengthen the coating system over movement cracks.

Wallrock Fineliner A50's light and soft structure deforms beautifully, making it very easy to apply to ceilings, on corners and edges, and more complex surface profiles where you would struggle to apply stiffer lining papers.

  • A single roll covers 50 square meters.
  • For interior and exterior use
  • Breathable and moisture regulating.
  • Covers over cracks.
  • Reinforces exterior paint coatings systems.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Easy paste-the-wall application when used for interiors.
  • Produces an excellent smooth surface for painting

Optimum interior base surface for wallpaper or paint. You can wallpaper over the top of Wallrock Fineliner A50 with any wall covering. For easier stripping in the future, when applying over the top of our thermal lining paper, apply with a powdered paste, rather than readymixed emulsion adhesive. Roll dimensions: 50.00 meters long x 1.00 meter wide. Covers an area of 50 square meters.

Interior Application: Wallrock Fineliner A50 either vertically, or horizontally, butt jointed to the adjoining length. Apply paste directly to the wall (paste-the-wall technique), in an area slightly wider than the roll width (approx 3 inches wider).
Place the wall covering onto the adhesive and press down with a paperhanging brush to smooth out any bubbles and obtain a flat surface. Press any excess material at the ceiling, skirtings, windows etc. with a plastic trowel or paperhanging brush into the corners and trim with a snap off knife or strong scissors. Ensure that the wall covering does not overlap.

Exterior Application: Can be cut to size, and embeded straight into the wet coatings by encapsulation with an acrylic primer coating (such as Sandtex Membrane Primer) on whole exterior plywood surfaces to dramatically extend the life of the paint coating system. Can also be used to bridging membrane over masonry movement cracks, and plywood panel joints, to strengthen the coating system. Use good quality scissors to cut, avoiding raggy edges. Ensure that the wall covering does not overlap.

Wallrock Fineliner A50 is supplied in single rolls, and cartons of 4 rolls sufficient to cover a total of 200 square meters. Each roll is 1.00 meter wide x 50 meters long, and covers an area of 50 square meters.

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Wallrock Fineliner A50