Wooster 4 Gallon Scuttle

Wooster 4 Gallon Scuttle (US) is a big, deep, professional heavy duty polypropylene painters bucket which takes all our rollers and frames up to 9 inches wide. 10 inch wide roll off area. Heavy duty wire handle, Reinforced corners and lip.

** This Wooster paint bucket has now been discontinued. Instead, you might consider it's direct replacement, either the 12 Litre Fossa Paint Scuttle, which comes complete with 5 rigid disposable liners, for easy clean up and fast paint colour changes. Or, our Trade staple 10 Litre Paint Scuttle, or 15 Litre Paint Scuttle.



External dimensions 13.5 in long x 15 in wide x 9 in deep. The Wooster 4 Gallon Scuttle is available in singles, or packs of 3 scuttles at an even better price.

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Wooster 4 Gallon Scuttle

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