Wooster AeroSander

The Wooster AeroSander is a lightweight triangular shaped, 360 degree swivel pole sander head. Designed for improved speed and control when sanding and abrading large flat surfaces, such as ceilings and walls. You can watch a short video here.

One of the AeroSander's major selling points are it's resistance pivot point bearings, which prevent it from suddenly flipping and gouging the wall or ceiling - a common problem with traditional metal swivel pole sander heads. It's rounded high impact plastic corners and edges also prevent damage to adjacent surfaces during use.

  • Larger triangular shape (9.5 inches along each side) covers large surfaces and reaches into corners.
  • Velcro brand hook and loop fastener for quick and easy sandpaper changes.
  • 9mm thick cellular foam sandwich, between the base and the Velcro helps keep the Aero Sander in contact with substrate at all times, and helps keep contact pressure evenly distributed.
  • Use with any of our screw-fit extension poles, including the Wooster Sherlock GT.
  • Velcro backed, hook and loop 'Gator Grit' sandpaper sheets to fit, are available for drywall and plaster surfaces in 80 and 120 grits.

The Wooster AeroSander is available in singles, or bulk packs of 4 at a discount.

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