Wooster Dust Eater

The Wooster Dust Eater is a large, but lightweight swivel-head mop tool for quickly removing dust and debris from large flat surface areas just prior to painting. Attaches to all our screw thread extension poles, including the quick release Wooster Sherlock GT extension pole. Large size and low weight allows the final cleaning stage of any preparation to be completed in a short the time, and to a much higher standard.

  • Specially treated material for powerful, long-lasting pickup.
  • Attracts and holds dust, cobwebs, and more to clean drywall, ceilings, walls, baseboards, floors.
  • triangular shape to reach into corners
  • Large size (16 inch along each side) covers large areas quickly.
  • Double action, stable 360-degree pivot for full surface contact, won’t flip or gouge wall.
  • Use with any of our screw-fit extension poles, including the quick release Sherlock GT.
  • Supplied in a heavy duty zip resealable plastic bag .
  • Refills available.

Wipe across surfaces with moderate pressure - no heavy force required. Work from top to bottom of any area. To clean, leave tool on extension pole and shake out to release dust and debris. Do not wet or wash. To prolong the life of your Dust Eater, protect and store in the zip-seal bag provided when not in use.

The Wooster Dust Eater (1800) is available in singles, or cartons of two, to saving you even more.




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