Wooster Sherlock Bucket-Tray - BR414-14

Wooster's Sherlock Bucket-Tray (BR414-14) is a brand new heavy duty plastic, deep well paint tray with an enormous 4.5 litre holding capacity, which reduces the need to keep refilling the paint tray.

Internal tray width 17 inches, with 14 inch roll off area. This means the Bucket-Tray works really well with all paint roller sleeves up to 12 inches wide. You can also use it with Wooster's proprietory range of 14 inch wide sleeves, but in practice we found it rather fiddly to do so, because the ribbed roll off area is only just wide enough to accept 14 inch wide sleeves.

Green copolymer polypropylene construction resists solvents and paint buildup. Notched rim to hold your roller frame. Heavy duty handles on each side of the paint tray have been carefully positioned to ensure the tray remains properly balanced whether you pick it up empty, or, fully loaded.

Wooster have also produced a rather expensive matching liner for their new Sherlock Bucket-Tray, speeding up your clean-up and colour changes.

Outer dimensions: 14.5 inches (370mm) long x 21.5 inches (545mm) wide x 6.75 inches (170mm) high. Internal dimensions: 17 inches (430mm) wide at base. 14 inch (355mm) roll-off area.

Wooster's Sherlock Bucket-Tray is available to purchase in singles or packs of 3 at an even better discount.

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Wooster Sherlock Bucket-Tray - BR414-14