Wooster Sherlock GT Javelin 48in Extension Pole

Wooster Sherlock GT Javelin 48inch Extension Pole is a simple fixed 4 foot long extension pole, which allows you to quickly and cheaply add 48inches to any Sherlock GT extension pole when your project requires some extra reach, or you can use it as a separate, stand-alone fixed pole. 

Manufactured from lightweight and strong anodized aluminum tubing, with Sherlock GT quick release bayonet handle. It's also fitted with Woosters popular GT quick release tip that holds all Sherlock and Barracuda paint roller frames in place so they cannot unloosen, and allows you to instantly release and change frames.

Note: Sherlock GT Javelin extends GT quick release fitting poles only (currently R097, R090, R091, R092, R096), and not other screw-fit poles.

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