Wooster Sherlock GT Convertible Extension Pole

The Wooster Sherlock GT Convertible extension pole, is rugged professional 2 stage extension pole which uses Wooster's patented bayonet Grip Tip™ to hold compatible Wooster tools in place so they cannot twist or loosen. It also comes with a standard threaded conversion tip (stored in the handle) to allow you to use other standard threaded tools.

  • Quick release bayonet tip for Wooster tools to prevent tools loosening.
  • Universal threaded conversion tip in handle for standard threaded tools.
  • Rugged lightweight fibreglass outer pole.
  • Hexagonal aluminium metal inner pole to prevent twisting.
  • Lever-lock allows easy pole adjustment in 6 inch increments.
  • Non-slip soft textured hand grip.
  • Spare parts available for easy repair and maintenance.
Size Closed length* Open length* Weight*
1-2 ft  530 mm  760 mm  470g
2-4 ft  765 mm  1220 mm  620g
4-8 ft  1370 mm  2440 mm  970g
6-12 ft  1980 mm  3510 mm  1.37kg
8-16 ft  2590 mm  4730 mm  1.77kg


You can also buy the Javelin 4ft extension for the Sherlock GT Pole (see links on right hand side of page).

The Wooster Sherlock GT Convertible Extension Pole is available in 5 different sizes, to purchase as singles, or in pack quantities saving you even more. *Sizes and weights shown are approximate.

pack of 3£90.07

*all prices include VAT