Wooster Silver Tip V Paint Brush

The Wooster Silver Tip (5222 V) is a semi-professional synthetic paint brush for general purpose use on larger surface areas and trim. Silver Tip uses Wooster's proprietory chemically tipped polyester filaments. This process produces a thin, flexible and soft tipped filament, to reduce brushmarks.

The Wooster Silver Tip is a good brush for applying enamels to metal, smoothing varnish or polyurethanes on wood, and levelling water-based paints to protect or decorate any substrate.

Rust resistant bevelled brushed steel ferrule. Unfinished birch hardwood beavertail handle with hanging hole.

Size Length Out Stock (thickness)

1 inch

2 4/16 inch

1/4 inch

1.5 inch

2 7/16 inch

1/2 inch

2 inch 2 11/16 inch

9/16 inch

2.5 inch 2 15/16 inch

5/8 inch

3 inch 2 15/16 inch

11/16 inch


The Wooster Silver Tip (E5222) paint brush is available in 1inch, 1.5inch, 2inch, 2.5inch and 3inch sizes, with additional savings if you order in larger quantities.

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Wooster Silver Tip V Paint Brush