Zwaluw Wet on Wet Decorators Caulk 310ml

Zwaluw Acryl Wet on Wet Decorators Caulk 310ml is a totally new, light-weight decorators caulk, that really does do a fantastic job at resisting the cracking and crazing common with other caulks when over-painted.

If your a painter or decorator with tight deadlines, or have a rapid repair and paint project, then you've just got to consider using Zwaluw's new Wet on Wet decorators caulk... it'll same you time, money and headaches... it's truly brilliant!

Zwaluw Acryl Wet on Wet is quite different to use compared to normal caulks, its quite a dry caulk straight from the tube, and it's recommended to lightly dampen surfaces with a single pass of a damp cloth or sponge immediately before application. It doesn't produce quite as smooth as finish, but if you stick with it, you'll soon get the hang of using this completely unique painters caulk. Although you can over-paint it almost immediately, in our tests using really notorious highly-filled contract emulsions, waiting just 30-60 minutes before overpainting totally eliminated cracking and crazing with these emulsions.

  • Paintable almost immediately.
  • Massively reduces the risk of crazing and cracking of the paint film.
  • No discoloration of the paint film.
  • Remains flexible.
  • Easy in use.

Acryl Wet on Wet is a high-quality plasto-elastic acrylic sealant developed specifically for the direct recoating during the curing of the sealant. It contains Den Braven's UCA® technology for excellent tolerance with waterborne and Alkyd paints.

Zwaluw Wet on Wet Decorators Caulk is specially formulated for sealing joints that must be quickly painted over, such as joints between stairs, walls, ceilings, baseboards, window sills, wooden and metal window frames, concrete and masonry. Moreover, the product is suitable for filling cracks, screw and nail holes in walls and ceilings made of wood, plaster, gypsum, concrete and stone.

Should be over-painted. For interior projects only. Not suitable for permanent water exposure. Almost odourless. See technical data sheet for full details. Meets EN 15651-1 : F -INT.

Technical specifications: Density: 0.71 g / m3, Shore A hardness: 33, Elongation at break: 132%, Tensile strength: 0.52 MPa, Skinning: 2 minutes.

Remember you can use our handy Fossa Caulk Saver to reduce the amount of caulk or filler that you need to use to seal large cracks or joints.

You can also buy spare nozzle's with screw on caps to keep caulk from drying out between use, and consider buying Fossa Caulk Tube Caps. You can also buy a flexible adaptor to adjust the angle of your nozzle for awkward jobs.

Zwaluw Acryl Wet on Wet Decorators Caulk 310ml supplied in white only. It's available in singles, cartons of 12, and bulk cartons of 48 tubes to save you even more.

carton of 12£14.30
carton of 48£57.15

*all prices include VAT