Browse our large range of decorators hand sanders, sanding tools and equipment, including sanding poles, pads, sanding blocks and machines including specific models from Mirka designed for dust extraction.

Take a look at our massive range of Snap off, and stanley type utility knives from Olfa, and JBL. These include heavy duty knives for cutting flooring, through to lightweight models designed for crafts which are ideal for trimming wet wallpaper and wall coverings. Matching snap-off blades to fit are available in 18mm, 12.5mm and 9mm, sizes with high carbon contents, right up to ultra-high 1.25% which are also TiN coated.

  • Maxbo Scuttle Trap + 2 Free Scuttles
  • Fossa 3 Litre Paint Kettle / Pull-Liner 5 in 1 Set
  • Fossa Grax-it Wax Polish Remover and Degreaser
  • Simms Paint Tray Arm Kit (1xTray 3xLiners 1xArm)