3 inch Painting Trim Tray

3 inch Painting Trim Tray is a small black polyurethane paint tray with 2.5 inch wide roll off area and separate brush holder, so you can use both both a brush and roller on your trim painting projects.

Suitable for use with any of our 2 - 2.5 inch mini rollers, and paint brushes upto 2 inches wide. Ideal for small trim projects like doors, frames or skirting, or handy for touching up walls and ceilings, or craft projects. Paint container height is 60mm, includes a brush wipe ridge and 2nd smaller container acts as a comfortable hand grip.

NOTE: picture includes a mini roller frame and foam sleeve for illustration purposes only, they are not included with the Trim Tray.

3 inch Painting Trim Tray is supplied in singles, and bulk packs of 5 trays to save you more.

pack of 5£12.05

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3 inch Painting Trim Tray