4 inch Fossa Microsilk Microfibre Trim Paint Roller Sleeve Short Pile

Fossa MicroSilk Microfibre 4 inch Trim Paint Roller Sleeve is a brilliant new short pile (8mm / 3/8 inch) trim paint roller sleeve for use when cutting-in, edging, and trim work on smaller areas. Ensures you obtain a more consistent paint finish across your projects when used together with Fossa's other Microsilk microfibre paint roller sleeves.

Thermofused to a 1.5 inch core, it will only fit USA-style trim paint roller frames like the 1.5 inch dee dee Trim Paint Roller Frame. We advise you select sleeve's with the same pile height as your main paint roller for a more consistant finish.

  • 4in x 1.5in dia. core.
  • Super smooth finish.
  • Beveled ends
  • Very low shedding.
  • Very low splatter.
  • Washes out easily.
  • Thermofused fabric with solvent resistant core.

The Fossa MicroSilk Microfibre fabric is ideal for applying all paints, stains, emulsions, acrylic, dead flat and gloss paints. It's always best to pre-dampen the paint roller cover before using with water-borne paints, this ensures the paint roller cover performances at it's best when loading and releasing paint. Cleaning: After use immediately remove excess paint from roller fabric with a paint roller scraper. Water-borne coatings: Wash in warm soapy water, rinse until clean. Solvent-borne coatings: clean with solvent according to the coating manufacturers instructions. Spin dry recommended using our USA sized Roller Spinner.

The Fossa MicroSilk Microfibre 4 inch Trim Paint Roller Sleeve is sold in singles, and packs of 3 rollers to save you even more.

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