6 Litre Paint Scuttle Liners

Disposable paint scuttle liner which only fits Harris 6 litre plastic paint scuttles, which we don't supply. Manufactured from strong LDPE film, with double welded seams for even greater strength.

  • Fast colour changes.
  • Saves on clean-up time.
  • Ideal for sites with no cleaning facilities.
  • Prolongs scuttle life.
  • Suitable for oil-based and water-borne paints.
  • Draw string top for easy disposal.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Designed to hold up to 3 Litres. Ensure paint scuttle inserts containing paint are supported if removed from scuttle. Keep away from sharp objects or uneven surfaces to avoid puncture and spillage.

Paint scuttle liners are sold in singles and packs of 8 liners.

pack of 8£4.53

*all prices include VAT

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6 Litre Paint Scuttle Liners