Abrasive Foam Pads - 1st Grade

Top quality abrasive foam pads, manufactured from high quality soft foam, giving a totally flexible non-cracking multi-purpose abrasive pad. The soft flexible structure of the abrasive foam pad is ideal for use within the decorating and furniture industries for paint and wood preparation and/or de-nibbing. Abrasive foam pads are also widely used throughout the automotive industry. The pad can be used wet or dry and gives a much greater lifespan than conventional sandpaper. The White abrasive superfine P180 pads are particularly useful where you want to avoid contaminiation of the substrate with the dark coloured abrasive in the gray pads.

These 1st grade Abrasive Foam Pads are still manufactured in Europe, and a little more expensive than our general purpose sanding pads, however they have extremely good cutting power, and many trade customers tell us it's worth paying the extra.

  • Coarse Grey (P36)
  • Medium Grey (P60)
  • Fine Grey (P100)
  • Super Fine Grey (P180)
  • Super Fine White (P180)

Each pad measures 96x121x13 mm and is double sided. They are available in Super Fine (p180), Fine (p100), Medium (p60) and Coarse (p36) grades either in singles, or bulk packs of 250 pads at a superb discount. (Please note that we only supply 1st grade pads, and not 2nd grade reject pads).

singleCoarse 36 Grade,Fine 100 Grade,Medium 60 Grade,Superfine 180 Grade£0.84
box of 250Coarse 36 Grade,Fine 100 Grade,Medium 60 Grade,Superfine 180 Grade£156.32
box of 250Superfine 180 Grade£151.11

*all prices include VAT

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Abrasive Foam Pads - 1st Grade