Beeline Handklenz

Beeline HandKlenz is an effective hand cleaner. Ideal for the professional decorator, it will remove all types of paint (wet and dry), as well as oil and grease from hands. 

Directions for use: Take a little HandKlenz out of the tub and rub into hands with normal hand washing motion. Warmth from hands will liquidise the paste allowing it to mobilise dirt and contaminates. Then rinse hands with warm water to remove mobilised dirt.

Beeline HandKlenz is sold in singles in both 300ml and 1 litre sizes, and carton qunatities to save you more.

single1 litre£18.70
carton of 41 litre£68.03
single300 ml£7.59
carton of 6300 ml£40.87

*all prices include VAT

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Beeline Handklenz