Sugar Soap Cleaning Crystals

Professional strength Sugar Soap Cleaning Crystals in a resealable tub to keep the powder dry. Sugar Soap is a powerful and extremely effective cleaner used by professional decorators for many years in preparation for painting. We've tested other brands and consider our 'Bartoline' branded sugar soap to be the most effective formulation available. Sugar Soap is an easily desolvable, non-caustic, free flowing white powder. Sugar Soap will easily cut through really bad grease and grime, even removing nicotine stains, and makes repainting much easier. Sugar Soap can also be used as a general purpose household cleaner and has many other uses around the home including:

  • Cleaning and preparing paint work, use inside or outside wiping on with cloth or cellulose sponge. Work upwards to avoid run marks, rinse well with clean water.
  • Cleaning building exteriors, will remove old paint stains from masonry, facing slabs and stonework. Removes moss from flagstones. Scrub down and rinse with clean water.
  • Cleaning garage floors and driveways, will clean oil and grease from concrete and asphalt surfaces. Hose down with clean water.
  • General household spring cleaning, apply with cloth or cellulose sponge to interior paint work to remove dirt and grease and to restore colour to paint work etc. Wipe down with a clean cloth.
  • Cleaning baths, basins and ceramic tiles, and toilet bowls.
  • Cleaning metal mesh filters (grease traps) on oven and hob extractor fans.

Sugar Soap Powder is available in 1.5kg sized resealable tubs which make 30 Litres when mixed with water.


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Sugar Soap Cleaning Crystals