Black Timber Stain

A high quality solvent-borne black timber stain for exterior use on porous rough sawn timber such as fences and posts, sheds and barns. It quickly penetrates to producee a deep attractive low-build matt finish when exposed to sunlight.

It's not always easy to decide how to achieve a very good cost effective, low build black finish on exterior rough sawn timber. Creosote is banned, and water-based paints can prove very expensive - as rough sawn timber has a low coverage rate. Penetrating Black Timber Stain is formulated to stay 'blacker, longer' than Creosote replacement products, and not to dust and turn brown as quick as other tar and bitumen based paints. A thin, highly pigmented liquid, it quickly penetrates deep into the timber, dries quickly, has a lower odour than some other treatments, and incorporates water repellant agents.

Ensure any previous treatment has been removed, together with all dirt and dust residue. Ensure the grain is visible and receptive to treatment (Penetrating Black Timber Stain must be able to penetrate deeply into the timber). Shake and stir the tin well and apply onto clean dry rough sawn timber and allow to dry. Apply a second coat on new applications, or as desired. Any sheen will dull down to a matt finish after a few days of sun exposure. When recoating, brush or wash down the surface to remove dirt and dust. For untreated timber we recommend an initial application of Clear Wood Preservative, ensure this is allowed to dry over a few days, and that all solvents have fully evaporated before applying our Penetrating Black Timber Stain.

Note: this product is not suitable for garden furniture, cladding, window frames or other residential timbers etc. For converted residential barns and other residential smooth planed timbers we suggest you consider an alternative low-build exterior woodstain such as Fossa Substain WB in Ebony a low-maintenance water-borne coating which we think is a really brilliant product!

Coverage: approximately 5 square meters per litre. Coverage may vary depending on the porosity and surface profile. Available in 5 litre size only.

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Black Timber Stain