Paint Brush Cleaner

Paint Brush Cleaner is a water soluble solvent for the easy cleaning of brushes and rollers after using them with oil based paints and woodstains.

Use: Dip the brush or roller in to the Paint Brush Cleaner, working in well, then rinse thoroughly under tap and dry with a clean cloth. No need to use detergent! Paint Brush Cleaner can also be used as a general household cleaner (Baths, Cookers, Sinks etc.), apply with a damp cloth, first testing surfaces and materials for colour fastness.

Note: Paint brush cleaner is not suitable for use with cellulose paints, or cleaning ordinary plastics. Will solubilise bituminous materials.

Paint Brush Cleaner is sold in 2 Litre plastic bottles.

2 litre£8.25

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Paint Brush Cleaner