Raw Linseed Oil

Raw Linseed Oil penetrates and feeds wood leaving little to no surface coating. Its ideal for use on cricket bats, and especially recommended for application to oak, where its slower drying time gives the oil more chance of soaking into its dense structure (however please remember that any liquid will blacken oak and raw linseed oil will darken the oak - apply a test patch to check for suitability). Raw Linseed Oil is also useful for softening putty and as a lubricant when French Polishing.

Consider mixing the Linseed Oil with a small amount of White Spirit for the first coat only on bare timber, this will prime the surface. For all further applications use the Raw Linseed Oil "little and often", as some substrates may be only slightly porous, and too much oil can cause a sticky build-up which may not dry (you can use White Spirit to rag off the excess oil whilst it still wet, once set it will be very difficult to remove without scrapping). Raw Linseed can be applied by brush but is more generally applied with a low lint/lint free cloth. Working the timber to a polish can produce a good finish, as good - if not better - than many more expensive products.

Raw Linseed Oil is available in 2 litre and 5 litre containers.

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Raw Linseed Oil

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