Fibreglass Extension Pole

CIR professional fibreglass telescopic extension pole. Brand new to the UK, and available in 3 sizes to meet most needs, two stage pole, ideal for the professional decorator, and offering some genuinely unique features.

Push button quick release unlocks the pole quickly and easily, and automatically engages at 120mm (5in) intervals with a satisfyingly solid 'clunk'. The German designed quick release mechanism is uniquely sealed to prevent paint ingress.

Extremely durable fibreglass outer tube is fitted with a chunky, extra long specially produced non-slip grip which is particularly comfortable in use.

Heavy duty anodized aluminium telescoping tube is 'anti-twist', with a solid cast thread to fit all our screw fit paint roller frames. Fits all of our Screw-fit paint roller frames.

CIR professional fibreglass telescopic extension pole is available in 3 sizes, it also comes with push fit (taper) adaptor to allow you to use the pole with any push fit paint roller frames or tools


  • 1.15m (closed) - 1.99m (extended)
  • 1.39m (closed) - 2.47m (extended)
  • 1.99m (closed) - 3.67m (extended)
single1.15 - 1.99 meter (3 - 6 ft)£25.30
carton of 51.15 - 1.99 meter (3 - 6 ft)£126.21
single1.39 - 2.47 meter (4 - 8 ft)£19.18
carton of 51.39 - 2.47 meter (4 - 8 ft)£95.18
single1.99 - 3.67 meter (6 - 12 ft)£31.05
carton of 51.99 - 3.67 meter (6 - 12 ft)£154.58

*all prices include VAT