Check Grain Roller

Check Grain Roller, is a professional wood-graining tool for imitating the fine pores found in hardwoods such as mahogany, oak and birch. It is rolled down the surface in straight bands to create pores to reproduce realistic woodgrain patterns. It can also be used create the appearance of denim and other woven fabrics.

Our Check Grain Roller is available in 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch widths, with discs mounted in a sturdy double arm nickle plated frame mated to a lacquered hardwood handle.

Load your bristle or foam brush with stain or glaze medium and place it on top of the wheels of the Check Roller, so that the brush supplies the wheels of the pores with the medium as they revolve to produce the woodgrain 'pores'.

Roll the tool down the surface in straight bands, directly adjacent to each other. Blot up any excess medium by laying an opened paper napkin on the surface. The pore effect is then often softened slightly using a stiffer bristle brush, by drawing the remaining pores into longer thinner streaks. Wash the roller thoughly in paint thinner after each use.

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Check Grain Roller