Corona Wellington Chinex Paint Brush

Corona Wellington Performance Chinex (20960) Flat Sash Paint Brush is a synthetic paint brush with a hand formed chisel tip, and unfinished US style long hardwood handle. Slightly longer length-out than the Corona Edge, it's an excellent professional straight edge paint brush for cutting in and general trim work with traditional solvent-borne (oil-based) paints and thicker emulsions.

It's filament is too stiff and coarse to produce a good finish with modern water-borne trim paints, instead consider a fine filament soft paint brush like the Fossa ViperTrim.

  • 100% Chinex.
  • Stainless steel square ferrule
  • Unfinished US style long hardwood handle.
  • Hand formed chisel tip profile - cuts in well.

Corona's Performance Chinex paint brushes are all manufactured using 100% Chinex tapered synthetic filaments, which offers good paint release and easier cleanup. The stiff coarse filaments are excellent for use with traditional sticky oil-based paints, and thicker emulsions. Hand formed chisel tip profile produces good accurate cutting-in.

Size Length Out Stock (thickness)
2 inch 75 mm

14 mm

2.5 inch 82 mm

16 mm


Corona Wellington Performance Chinex Straight-cut Paint Brush is available in 2inch, and 2.5inch sizes in singles.

2 inch£20.43
2.5 inch£26.71

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Corona Wellington Chinex Paint Brush