Danish Oil

Danish Oil is a popular natural oil product for sealing and varnishing all types of interior timbers (sometime used externally on hardwood garden furniture). Our Danish Oil incorporates genuine Tung Oil to provide improved water and heat resistance. It dries to a hard, water-resistant finish. Usually 3 coats are applied as a complete system on bare timber, producing a low sheen finish.

Popular applications include the cupboard doors of kitchen units, wooden bath panels, worktops and externally on garden furniture. If used externally, bear in mnd that it produces a clear finish containing no pigment, and therefore provides no UV protection to the timber substrate. Exterior timber will require re-oiling once a year.

Apply by brush or cloth, and wipe off any excess oil after 15 minutes. Only re-apply when the previous coat is dry, minimum overcoating time is 4 hours, but can be considerably longer. For best results, gently rub down between coats using a very fine wire wool. When project is complete and fully dry, buff surfaces with a lint free cloth. Wipe over with a damp cloth to maintain.

Theoretical coverage is 12 square meters per litre (per coat). Practical coverage will vary depending on porosity and profile of the substrate.

Danish Oil is very useful for areas within the kitchen, as it's one of the oils deemed to be safe in contact with food. Tung Oil (Chinese Wood Oil) gives a shellac like hardwearing film. 

A common mistake is over application, then like Linseed Oil the surface goes tacky and then crosslinked, and it becomes very difficult to remove without severe abrasion.

Danish Oil is available in 1 Litre and 2.5litre sizes.

1 litre£14.44
2.5 litre£31.15

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Danish Oil