Drill Paint Mixer Whisk / Paddle

Drill Paint Mixer Whisk / Paddle, heavy duty hexagonal shaft steel construction to prevent slipping in the drill, with rust resistant coating. Use for mixing all paints,  coatings and wallpaper pastes etc. Fit's to any standard drill chuck 10mm (3/8in) or larger. Fitted with safety rubber end cap.

Our Metal Drill Paint Mixer tool is available in two sizes:

  • 16 inch Standard size - Length 395mm x 60mm dia. for 2.5 - 10 Litre paint cans.
  • 24 inch Large size - Length 600mm x 100mm dia. for 10 Litre - 25 Litre paint drums (or larger).

Drill Paint Paddle / Whisker is sold in singles.


395 x 60mm dia.£4.21
600 x 100mm dia.£6.92

*all prices include VAT

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Drill Paint Mixer Whisk / Paddle