9 inch Cage Paint Roller Sleeve Wool Velour Short Pile

Short pile cage paint roller refill / sleeve with (5mm pile height) 100% pure wool velour fabric. Manufactured using the latest thermo-fusion machinery which bonds the short haired pile fabric to the inner plastic core using an innovative heating process. For bubble-free varnishing. No splashing, no matting. Solvent resistant. Use for applying primers, rust-protection, oil paints and all varnishes. 1.75 inch dia.

1.75 inch dia. core for use with standard 1.75 diameter Cage Paint Roller frames (see links below photo). Available in 9 inch (23cm) size.

Paint roller sleeves are packed in 10's, although you can purchase in any quantity required.

box of 10£35.18

*all prices include VAT