2 Wheel Edging Paint Pad - Complete

2 Wheel Edging Paint Pad come complete with a flocked superfine foam pad. Flocked paint pads produce a flatter, more even application of paint avoiding brush marks or orange peel effect common with paint rollers. Black UV resistant foam, and highly bonded European electrostatic flocking process won't shed filaments like cheap far eastern imports.

This 2 wheeled edging paint pad measures 9cm x 12cm (3.5 x 4.75 inches). Pad slids in from the wheeled side, so it's position in relation to the wheels can be adjusted to suit your project.

Our 2 wheeled edging paint pad can be run along opposing walls/edges for accurate cutting-in on edges, but if the corner you are working into is rough or poorly finished a paint pad probably won't really help with accurate cutting in. However on on good clean prepared straight edges which you can run the wheels along (i.e. dado, door frames, around window sills, along trunking etc.), it's capable of producing a great fast cut-in.  Use for applying both water-borne and standard solvent-borne decorative paints, such as dispersions, emulsion paints, gloss paints and varnishes.

The flocked superfine foam pads are easily be replaced with refills (see links on right hand side of page). You can use any paint tray for loading the paint pad, but our paint pad tray and roller do tend to make loading the pad easier and more accurate - for better control.

pack of 3£7.16

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