Standard Paint Pad Set - Std Handle, 2 x Refills, Tray / Roller

Standard Paint Pad Set for use with water-borne and solvent-borne coatings such as gloss, varnish and emulsions on flat surafces. The Paint Pad Kit includes 1 x Standard Paint Paint Handle, 2 x Standard Paint Pad Refills and 1 x Double Bowl Paint Pad Roller Tray.

Our Standard Paint Pad Handle and Refills cover large areas quickly, avoiding the orange-peel effect common with paint rollers - resulting in a smoother flat finish. No splatter and greater accuracy. Unique cross-linked bond resists filament loss, excellent shed resistance. British made.

The Kit also includes the Double Bowl Paint Pad Tray which has two fixed loading rollers, allowing you to draw the pad across the rollers, this prevents overloading and ensures the pad is evenly coated. Move the paint pad lightly across the surface you wish to paint in any direction, keeping it flat against the wall. Solvent-based paints should be finished with light vertical strokes to prevent streaks. Standard Paint Pad refills are available.

Before using your paint pad for the first time, ensure that all loose pile is removed from the pad by gently rubbing the pad surface on the palm of your hand until the loose pile has been removed.


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